Umpire experience

One of the best ways to understand the application of the rules by umpires is to get some umpiring experience yourself. Under the tutelage of the Irish Sailing international and national judges and umpires, who normally umpire at the top level team racing events in Ireland and abroad, you will gain some useful insights that will sharpen your skills beyond boat handling, creating positive habits that would allow your team members to think more clearly under pressure and how exert pressure when there is more to gain.

Umpires that are active are only a few and the pool needs to grow if Ireland is to fulfil the demand for umpires in this growth phase.


  • Gain a deeper understanding of the rules and how to use them
  • Properly understand the Team Racing Calls
  • Learn how decisions are made
  • Understand R42 application
  • Improve event consistency with more umpires on the water

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