65th Wilson Trophy Report

The 65th Wilson Trophy was marked by high winds and innumerable cups of tea as competitors and umpires waited for suitable sailing conditions. Sailing was delayed on Friday afternoon, and with average wind speeds of 27 knots, plus 35 knot gusts, there was no racing on Sunday.

At the end of Saturday’s sailing West Kirby Sailing Club were disappointed that only 208 races had been sailed. Conditions were difficult , with sunny spells with 15 knots interspersed with squalls and gusts up to 38 knots.

After13 rounds the Royal Forth Hoosiers were League leaders, and were then declared winners of the 65th Wilson Trophy. This Edinburgh based team has, under various guises, been a frequent visitor to Ireland. This was small compensation for the somewhat muted results of the Irish teams. Howth finished 11th with 8 wins, denied a quarter-final qualification by the 8-stage tie-break procedure. The Royal St George team, hastily brought together a couple of weeks before the event demonstrated that raw talent cannot compensate for a lack of match practice. They finished 25th.

Wilson stalwart John Sheehy had promised himself a year off. But two days before the first race an invitation from West Kirby, to join an ad hoc all star team to replace a team that had dropped out, proved irresistible. They finished 15th.

Irish team racing was also represented on the umpire team, with local umpires Cxema Pico and Gordon Davies joining the 25 umpire team.

There are only 364 days before the next Wilson Trophy

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