EUROSAF Announces Teams for the 2k Championships

The teams to compete in the 2nd Eurosaf 2 boat keelboat team racing championships (2K) to be held at the Bataviahaven, Holland on 21-23 June have been announced

1. Batavia Sailing Center Team, NED
2. Dutch Match Team Race Association, NED
3. Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, ITA
4. Itchener Sailing Club, GBR
5. Snipe Team, BEL
6. Oxford and Cambridge team, GBR
7. Royal Thames Sailing Team, GBR
8. Serpentine Team Racing Club, GBR
9. Bavaria Sailing tea, GER

The 2K circuit is developing fast. The next event, again fully subscribed with teams from Monaco, Israel, Germany, UK and Italy will be held at Anzio just south of Rome  24-26 May.

The 2K formula, of two keelboats team racing against another two keelboats on the standard match race course is attracting competitors from fleet, match and team racing.  With a near 50:50 gender rule the socials are a high point, while white sail allows for greater tactical racing.

With new events scheduled for the Canaries, Hamburg and Antibes in addition to others in the UK, Tuscany, Ireland,  and Monaco 2K is establishing itself as a major presence in international team racing.

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